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Eric Gockel

Written by Eric Gockel


While doing some competitive analysis with a client last week, they were surprised when we went off track and looked at websites and apps from different vertical markets.

When you’re looking at direct competitors you’re not always going to get a fresh perspective for ideas.

Consider mining distant, analogous fields. Look for creative people who aren’t constrained by the assumed limitations and mental schemas of your own professional world. These are people who, although they know little of your field, may be more likely to come up with breakthrough thinking; indeed, they may be carrying around, in their heads, the germ of the solution you’ve been searching for all along.

~ Harvard Business Review

We had another client asking advice on getting started with doing a vlog (video log). We haven’t done one at cre8 (yet!), but I directed them towards Casey Neistat on Youtube and a list of some of the gear he uses.

Watching his videos is nothing short of inspiration. They should motivate you make (or least try) something. Remember when making things was fun? And it didn’t matter how messed up it looked because it was yours, and your first attempt?

Many of us are just too afraid to even start because we know it won’t be perfect the first run. Give yourself permission to experiment and see what happens, you might just like the results.