Eric Gockel

Written by Eric Gockel


Are you getting the most you can out of your agency? Make sure you keep your relationship in sync with these tips.

Definition of Roles
It’s likely you’re working with a number of agencies, vendors and contractors to get everything done. Have you outlined a clear chain of command for approvals and clarifications?

Which capabilities should be handled internally and which are best left to the agency?

How can agency partners work best with each other? Let them know which agency is responsible for what and when.

Transparency and Expectations
If you treat due dates like teasing a dog with a frisbee, providers will be less likely to be available after-hours or weekends for that deadline next Thursday which never happened because you didn’t submit the prototype to compliance, yet alone got internal approval.

Be There
You’re busy, otherwise you wouldn’t have hired an agency to do the work for you. But, you should make yourself available for regular status meetings with your agency so they can brief you with any blocking issues, and make sure deliverables are on track.

If you can’t personally be present, a delegate from your firm with some authority should attend these meetings.

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